Since 1973, Abingdon Freight Forwarding Agency have been pivotal in leading reliable freight forwarding services both internationally and in the UK. With over 40 years of experience, here at AFFA we have established an impressive reputation for our commitment to providing a service you can confidently rely on.

Now, our client base can choose from a full range of international forwarding services, specialist packing facilities, UK parcel and pallet services and take advantage of a wealth of expertise. AFFA confidently offers all the multi-modal services required by most companies for their logistics needs, from safe kerbside home deliveries to dedicated full loads.

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Road Freight Transport

Full load and part load services are available from our terminal at Didcot to and from most European Countries Our own managed Road Groupage Services include: Austria, Belgium, The Channel Isles, Estonia, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland (North & South) daily, Latvia, Russia and Spain. Import services available from most European Countries All necessary documentation and insurance is available, where required.


Air Freight Forwarding

Delivering twice daily into Heathrow Airport, AFFA are capable of offering a fast and efficient air freight service to nearly all worldwide destinations. AFFA offer full consolidation services worldwide with full I.A.T.A accreditation. We also offer import services to include customs clearance and a door to door service.


Sea Freight Shipping

AFFA offers Deep Sea Shipping for both import and export by the full container load (inc Flat rack and out of gauge) and less than a container load, to and from most Worldwide Destinations. AFFA offer full customs clearance and a door to door service. Receiving at our terminal in Didcot for regular departures to the Far East, Middle East, Africa, Australia, the Mediterranean and many other destinations.

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AFFA Reduces your Carbon Footprint

What is Green Freight, and how does it work?

Green freight refers to a set of technologies and practices that increase the efficiency of freight transportation while also allowing for benchmarking and performance tracking. Green freight initiatives encourage the adoption of these technologies and practices throughout the freight industry in order to save costs, measure carbon emissions, and benefit the environment.

If current trends continue, domestic and international freight activity will double by 2050. Heavy-goods trucks account for a disproportionate percentage of oil consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution, and hence constitute a key target for emissions management through the adoption of fuel-efficiency and emissions-control technology, according to estimates.

However, decarbonizing freight is more difficult than decarbonizing other sectors of the economy, and technology alone will not be enough to meet this aim. To make freight pickup and delivery more ergonomic, transfer freight to the most sustainable modes, and optimise supply chain activity, a systems approach will be required. This will incorporate modern vehicle technologies and measures.

In the last decade, a slew of green freight programmes and initiatives have sprouted up all over the world. The majority of these initiatives have devised a number of measures to encourage the adoption of energy-saving and emission-reduction strategies. The modes of transportation they address, the pollutants and performance indicators of concern, and their geographic regions all influence their focus, membership kinds and numbers, and data gathering, performance benchmarking, and reporting procedures.

The carriers we choose for routes contribute significantly to emissions, both from the fuel used and the manufacture of the fuel required. As a result, in order to lessen the impact, we’ve taken the following steps:

  • Choose the carrier that is closest to the freight pickup location.
  • Is it possible for that carrier to make another delivery along the route to reduce empty miles?
  • Choose the most fuel-efficient and shortest route to your destination.
  • Can we fill the truck with another nearby load after delivery to transport them home or to the next collecting point? (returning the load)
  • An empty voyage indicates that another vehicle is following you with freight you may have been transporting.

Many haulers can only provide you with a vehicle that is currently available in their yard; however, using a company like AFFA and its vast pool of carriers allows us to select the closest available vehicle for your collection. This means that not only do you get your vehicle on site faster, but you also produce fewer emissions in the process.


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