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If you are looking to export goods abroad, you are undoubtedly debating between all the shipping options available. All have positives but depending on your needs, some will be better than others. Today we will detail all the benefits of sea freight.


What is sea freight?

The mode of transportation referred to as “ocean freight”, “sea freight” or “maritime transport of commodities” is one in which cargo is moved from one location to another by means of the ocean. Sea freight is an option for worldwide delivery and is responsible for the processing of an impressive 90%of all international trade.

The process of bringing goods into and out of a country using international maritime transportation contributes to global maintenance and makes it easier to transport hazardous products like gas, liquids, and explosives. If your company needs to transport large volumes without having to worry about missing any important dates, sea shipping services are a very good option.


Why should you choose sea freight?


Sea freight will work for you, no matter your needs. Indeed you can both ship really small and very large cargo through this shipping method. Sea freight is ideal for bulk shipment as it is designed to carry large quantities but it is also great to ship small quantities as you can share the cost of the shipping services by bundling smaller shipments together to fill a container. No matter what you need to ship, sea freight is a simple and no fuss option.


Ships are built to transport harmful materials and cargo without putting anyone or anything in harm’s way. The shipping industry is quite experienced in the handling of such commodities, and there are laws in place to safeguard the safety of the vessel, its crew, the cargo, and the environment. As a result of improvements in marine safety, the number of accidents that result in the loss of cargo is declining on an ongoing basis and has decreased noticeably over the course of the last ten years. For an added layer of protection while in transit, containers are constructed to be hermetically sealed and lockable.

Low cost

Sea freight takes a very long time but is far less expensive than other shipping options. When compared to sending your items via air, ocean shipping is typically four to six times more cost effective. Although transport by air may be quicker, one must take into account the dimensions of an aeroplane as well as the total amount of cargo it is able to hold. A commercial boat often has a lot of space available, and it is able to transport a significant amount of weighty cargo. Whereas it is possible that a whole aeroplane is required to transport just one consignment of your product. So going for sea freight often works out cheaper and easier.


There are many ways to transport goods but sea freight is by far the best way to transport large and/or heavy shipment. Boats can transport freight such as vehicles, industrial materials, large quantity of grain and more. There is almost nothing that cannot be transported by sea.

Lower environmental impact

Air travel and many other modes of transportation have far higher carbon footprints when compared to sea shipping, which is clearly detrimental to the environment. On the other hand, ships emit less exhaust gas per tonne of cargo than any other shipping technique, making then the least carbon-intensive way of transportation. As technology develops, new more efficient ships are put into service, continually making sea freight an even better option.


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