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About Us

We’re a premier logistics provider

AFFA’s Logistic Solutions at a glance

At AFFA we deliver twice a day to Heathrow Airport, providing an efficient air freight service to nearly all worldwide destinations. We guarantee to offer a fast and secure service, sending freight by air, and one that you can always trust. AFFA also offer consolidation services worldwide with full I.A.T.A. accreditation. We have a built-up a reputation with industry partners over the years, and offer some of the best prices.

There are several benefits of choosing air freight shipping. It is a valuable option for any deliveries that are time-sensitive and need to be sent to almost anywhere in the world. Even more so if you have a smaller sized business that wants to still invest in international trading. You will have the benefit of extra security and peace of mind that your goods will arrive in a speedy manner.

It’s the AFFA “can do attitude” that makes us stand out in a competitive market!

What makes AFFA different?

In a competitive market with so many options, you will want a team you can trust. Here at AFFA we are a business with a “can do attitude” that offers much more than just pallets. We can also provide sea freight, air freight, parcel, document and same-day delivery. As an added bonus, all of our services include our friendly, fast and reliable customer service.

What’s more, our expertise doesn’t end at moving goods, we also offer secure storage options on site, giving you complete peace of mind that your goods are always in safe hands.

Something else that makes us stand out from the crowd is that we don’t operate with call centres, instead we have locally based branches right across the country. This means that your customer service manager will be local to you and is always just a call away.

Why Choose AFFA?

Our Experience

For nearly 50 years, we have provided high quality and reliable freight forwarding services for customers around the globe. Our decades of experience in the logistics industry gives us access to a wealth of contacts and networks to ensure the highest levels of service for our clients. We offer a wide range of international freight forwarding services, specialist packing facilities, as well as UK parcel and pallet services.

Our Customer Service

We understand how important it is to know where your shipments are during the freight forwarding and delivery process, as well as the importance of being able to speak to a real person if you have any questions or queries. That’s why we have a friendly customer service team that is always just a call or email away. Our team will be able to answer any questions you may have about tracking, pricing or compliance.

Our Import and Export Knowledge

When importing or exporting goods across the world, taxes and import duties can be confusing or complex to navigate. For years, we have helped our clients with customs clearance and duties. If you would like to find out more about how our team can help with important or exporting goods internationally, please contact our team.

Our Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare or pack my goods so they are ready for Road Freight?2023-02-21T22:23:50+00:00

All goods should be packed safely and securely to a 4-way pallet by either banding or shrink-wrap.

What charges am I expected to pay by Road Freight?2023-02-21T22:25:57+00:00

Once you open an account with us, we are able to provide our clients with a tariff. Alternatively, you can use our quote section here.

Our dedicated loads are priced on a case-by-case basis.

What load options are there when transporting goods by Road Freight?2023-02-21T22:22:20+00:00

Load options can range entirely down to your preference. Smaller consignments (1 – 10 pallets) can be catered for through our pallet-track network, but we can also offer dedicated loads.

We can confidently provide transport from anything as small as one pallet through to multiple dedicated loads.

What charges should I expect with an Air Freight Service?2023-02-21T18:43:31+00:00

Typical costs will be, Airfreight, Airline Handling, Fuel Surcharge, Security (x-ray screening), War Risk Insurance surcharge, Covid Surcharge, Documentation, Customs Declaration, and Collection cost.  Insurance is often available on request, and is subject to the nature of goods and value. Goods must be professionally packed, as insurance claims will be rejected if goods are insufficiently packed.

Other charges, such as Dangerous Goods check fees, may be applicable.

Do you offer air cargo insurance and is it required?2023-02-21T18:51:06+00:00

Yes we can offer insurance at extra cost. There is no requirement to buy cargo insurance. However, it is highly recommended so you can better protect your goods from exposure to risks—some that could be catastrophic. It’s important to weigh the insurance costs with the potential losses and collateral damage that could occur without insurance.

To provide optimum protection to the freight, having cargo insurance is necessary. This insurance provides financial protection against physical loss or damage to freight during a shipment. The damage could be due to an external cause whether by land, sea or air.

What is Verified Gross Mass (VGM)?2023-02-21T19:23:28+00:00

The Verified Gross Mass (VGM) is the weight of the cargo including dunnage and bracing plus the tare weight of the container carrying this cargo.

SOLAS requires the shipper to provide VGM in a “shipping document,” either as part of the shipping instruction or in a separate communication, before vessel loading.

What happens if I miss my parcel delivery?2023-02-27T21:54:46+00:00

Parcels to residential addresses will either be delivered to the local post office or a UPS access point for collection. The receiver will also be left with a driver calling card advising the time of the delivery attempt and also the next steps to retrieve their delivery.

Business deliveries will be re-attempted on the next working day.

Can I transport both pallets and parcels together by Road Freight?2023-02-21T22:25:29+00:00

Yes pallets and parcels can be transported together, as long as they are packed suitably for transport by Road. If possible, it would be advisable to palletise cartons.

Why should I choose your dealership?2022-03-03T14:08:00+00:00

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Are dealership discounts available?2022-03-03T14:21:10+00:00

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